Loader - 2nd Shift

Company Name:
This position is responsible for hand loading -- in stop-sequence order -- all outbound grocery products onto pre-designated trailers.
Job Responsibilities:
Maintain Quality Control on all non-conveyable products prior to loading.
Load product in a safe manner, ensuring product integrity for customers.
Load pallets by hand or by Walky Rider.
Bring concerns about product integrity to Supervisor's attention.
Position non-conveyable product with associated conveyable product.
Perform cigarette carton count for each customer order.
Secure load with load bars when loading is complete.
Communicate any special circumstances to driver via the shipping loading report.
Maintain a clean, debris-free work area.
Achieve productivity goals while maintaining product integrity.
Achieve safety goals and department and division OS&D; goals.
Maintain effective working relationships with peers.
Comply effectively with company work and safety rules.
Continually meet assigned production standards.
Maintain a quality of work that limits mispicks, shorts and damages.
Follow directions.
Work independently and in a team environment.
Be trained and certified to operate any required equipment within 30 days after hire.
Comply with company attendance policy.
Maintain a flexible work schedule to meet the changing needs of the Distribution Center: work schedules may require working an early shift, staying long for a late shift, and weekend work depending on the customer and operational requirements of the division.
Work in warm and cold temperature conditions that may range from 38 F to 110 F; teammates assigned to the freezer must be able to work in temperatures as cold as -10 F.
Stand, walk, bend, stoop, push, pull, grasp and reach above the head continuously for a period of two hours or more.
Have a High School Diploma or GED.
Be 18 years or older.
Be able to speak, read and understand the English language.
Be able to successfully pass a physical capabilities test, drug screen and criminal background check.
The environment encompasses all areas of a Distribution Center and material movement takes place throughout the facility.
This position requires the teammate to work inside the majority of the time.
This position may require working in hot and cold temperature extremes, exposure to dust, dirt, fumes, noise, potentially harmful chemicals, solvents and components, and working in close to proximity to other teammates.
Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times.
Department: Warehouse
Location: Ozark (Republic, MO)
Posted: 07/11/2014
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